Unternehmenslust 2022

Thursday – October 27 2022 I 7 pm

Start-Up Job Fair in Kreativpark Lokhalle, Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 7, Freiburg

UNTERNEHMENSLUST is a job fair of a different kind, that brings motivated young minds together with start-ups so that they can get to know each other beyond what any digital job platform can provide.

On the one hand, innovative startups from the Upper Rhine Region can present themselves and look for co-founders, employees, and interns that fit their teams best. On the other hand, Freiburg students across all disciplines are introduced to the local start-up scene and get the opportunity to personally connect with the startup teams they are most interested in.

After the start-ups pitch (present) their projects and job offers, you can personally introduce yourself and ask all your questions at each start-up’s fair stand. Together with snacks and drinks we create a comfortable environment to network for everyone who might not be as familiar with our local start-up network yet.

The diverse Freiburg start-ups are looking for people from all disciplines, among others: Marketing, sales, computer science, engineering, communication, design, medicine, biology, people & culture.

Entry is free but we kindly ask you to sign up online beforehand.

The event will be bilingual – mostly in English.

ALL INTERESTED PARTICIPANTS: Get a free ticket + save the date!

Get a ticket for free now on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.de/e/unternehmenslust-2022-tickets-414925221507 – there are limited seats in Krativpark Lokhalle!

The pitching start-ups will be:


Addressing the threefold challenge of population growth, climate change and food security, ConstellR provides the world’s first most precise thermal monitoring data for smart farming. Our technology enables a quicker, more affordable and scalable service to detect crop stress and the early optimization of yield. ContstellR components are on the ISS!


We founded GoNOSH because we want the “right” decision in terms of health and environment to be the easier one. Only then can we as humans manage to eat healthy and sustainably. To achieve this, we develop novel products that are fast and easy like fast food, but super healthy, nutrient-rich, natural and purely plant-based.


Actome supports life science research and medical innovations by enabling the quantification of proteins and protein-protein interactions in biological samples with hitherto unseen sensitivity and specificity, by our proprietary Protein-Interaction-Coupling (PICO)-Technology translating protein status into DNA barcodes. We serve our customers by providing assay kits and a bioinformatics software as a service. The assay kits can be run on digital PCR instruments of QIAGEN to amplify the ligand specific labels. After amplification the digital PCR data is uploaded to the Actome website for deconvolution of the DNA barcodes and scientific analysis of the protein-protein interactions, protein quantities and post translational modifications.


With Pitchview, the exchange between customers, sales and marketing suddenly becomes very simple. The app combines content hub, presentation tool and data room in one application that is easy to use for all sides. Leading companies like Roche, Trelleborg, Pierre Fabre, Gilead use Pitchview to interact with their customers in a new way.


A good life for everyone in Freiburg. This is what StadtWandler Freiburg works for. With StadtWandler.org you get information and ideas on how to make Freiburg more sustainable. StadtWandler challenges politics and other actors by asking who can do what for the necessary change.


BioCopy provides the shortcut to navigate the complexity of the immune system for future tumor and autoimmune therapy.


WEtell does mobile communications – but sustainably and differently: We are loud when others are quiet. We are not satisfied with the world running the way it does.

Grimm Water Solutions

Hightech Startup that brings Innovation to the Water Instustry.


Inductive charging for autonomous automated guided vehicles (AGVs / AGVs), mobile robots (CoBots) and industrial trucks


Packaging. Recyclability. Management. – All in one.

Digital Water Institute

We are an interdisciplinary knowledge & networking platform and innovation driver in the field of water & digitalization.


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Don’t miss out on this opportunity and spread the word to friends, fellow students and fellow startup colleagues!

Thanks to our sponsors Mawa Mate and Kathé for spicing up the evening with local & tasty drinks! https://www.mawa-mate.de/ , http://www.kathe-erfrischungen.de/

Thanks to our sponsors FWTM as well – Check out their start-up job offer/ demand pinboard on Startinsland https://www.startinsland.de/start-ups/ !

UNTERNEHMENSLUST is organized by FoundersClub Freiburg in cooperation with Grünhof, Smart Green Accelerator and Social Innovation Lab!

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