SPARK 2021

15th of May - 17th of July 2021 

2nd International Startup Competition

Use the unique opportunity to connect with students from different backgrounds: Computer Science, Design and many more. You will also have the chance to learn from successful local entrepreneurs that will guide you through the first steps as you develop your initial idea to a working business model. It should be noted here that the term business model is broadly defined. Business models that are financed by donations or public funds are also welcome! Get ready for a 9 week journey with plenty of insights and the chance to connect with the most interesting people from Freiburg. Who knows, maybe your future co-founder is among the fellow participants!

We want to encourage and inspire students from all kinds of disciplines to find innovative solutions to social and ecological problems. We offer you students a ‘playground’ for this and create the necessary framework through knowledge transfer and network expansion so that you can simply try out your ideas and let them flourish.

Further information about SPARK and the application here.

A huge thanks to our partners and supporters

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