4h-Venture December

Get from the idea to a product in just 4 hours?
Convert your own ideas into an MVP in a short time?
At 4h Venture you have the chance to realize your idea
and get a first prototype.
You surround yourself with like-minded people and can be valuable
Make contacts.
Sounds good? Then be there on December 1st and take part in this event.

* 12:00 Meeting ideas + Team formation
* 12:15 Start with all participants
* 16:00 End + order pizza
* 16:15 Demo round
* 17:00 Food!

Location: Stefan-Meier-Str. 8, 2nd floor, 'Gründerbüro'

If you would like to participate or are interested in future 4h ventures, please write a short mail to philippb@foundersclub-freiburg.de
. Don't forget your course of studies and the current semester!

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